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Abantiades / 10 letters 
Meaning of Abantiades In Latin, Abantiades means Descendant of Abas More
Absyrtus / 8 letters 
Meaning of Absyrtus In Greek, Absyrtus means Brother of Medea More
Academia / 8 letters 
Meaning of Academia In Latin, Academia means Named for Cicero's villa More
Academicus / 10 letters 
Meaning of Academicus In Latin, Academicus means Name of a philosopher More
Acarnania / 9 letters 
Meaning of Acarnania In Latin, Acarnania means From Arcanania More
Acarnanus / 9 letters 
Meaning of Acarnanus In Latin, Acarnanus means From Acarnania More
Acastus / 7 letters 
Meaning of Acastus In Greek, Acastus means An Argonaut More
Accalia / 7 letters 
Meaning of Accalia In Latin, Accalia means Possibly from the Acca Larentia the shewolf who nursed the twins Remus and Romulus More
Accius / 6 letters 
Meaning of Accius In Latin, Accius means A Roman poet More
Ace / 3 letters 
Meaning of Ace In Anglo-Saxon, Ace means First in luck More

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