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Found 3 baby names starting with letter A in syrian names.
Meaning of the name Adar: In Hebrew, the name Adar means High, eminent. In Biblical, the name Adar means noble. In Syrian, the name Adar means Ruler, prince
Meaning of the name Aram: In Hebrew, the name Aram means Father of a multitude. In Assyrian, the name Aram means High, exalted. In Biblical, the name Aram means Highness, magnificence, one that deceives, curse
Meaning of the name Ashur: In Assyrian, the name Ashur means Ashur was the Assyrian god of war, Ashur is also an Islamic month. In Biblical, the name Ashur means Warlike. In Hebrew, the name Ashur means Who is happy, or walks, or looks