Found 305 girls starting with letter A in latin
Academia / 8 letters 
Meaning of Academia In Latin, Academia means Named for Cicero's villa More
Acarnania / 9 letters 
Meaning of Acarnania In Latin, Acarnania means From Arcanania More
Accalia / 7 letters 
Meaning of Accalia In Latin, Accalia means Possibly from the Acca Larentia the shewolf who nursed the twins Remus and Romulus More
Acidalia / 8 letters 
Meaning of Acidalia In Latin, Acidalia means Named for Venus More
Acnes / 5 letters 
Meaning of Acnes In Latin, Acnes means Chaste More
Adamina / 7 letters 
Meaning of Adamina In Latin, Adamina means Feminine of Adam, meaning red, a reference to either the red skin or the red earth from which the Old Testament Adam was created (Genesis 2 More
Adela / 5 letters 
Meaning of Adela In Latin, Adela means Good humor More
Adelina / 7 letters 
Meaning of Adelina In Teutonic, Adelina means from the Old German 'athal' meaning noble More
Adeline / 7 letters 
Meaning of Adeline In Teutonic, Adeline means noble More
Adora / 5 letters 
Meaning of Adora In Latin, Adora means Glory More

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