Found 9 boys and girls starting with letter A in japanese
Akemi / 5 letters 
Meaning of Akemi In Japanese, Akemi means Beautiful sunrise/dawn More
Akeno / 5 letters 
Meaning of Akeno In Japanese, Akeno means In the morning, bright shining field, beautiful sunrise/dawn More
Akihiko / 7 letters 
Meaning of Akihiko In Japanese, Akihiko means Bright boy More
Akihito / 7 letters 
Meaning of Akihito In Japanese, Akihito means Bright More
Akiko / 5 letters 
Meaning of Akiko In Japanese, Akiko means Iris; light and bright More
Akio / 4 letters 
Meaning of Akio In Japanese, Akio means Bright boy More
Akira / 5 letters 
Meaning of Akira In Japanese, Akira means Bright boy More
Anda / 4 letters 
Meaning of Anda In English, Anda means Abbreviation of Andrea More
Aneko / 5 letters 
Meaning of Aneko In Japanese, Aneko means Older sister More

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