Found 7 boys and girls with the meaning of humorist
Artemus / 7 letters 
Meaning of Artemus In Greek, Artemus means Follower/gift of Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt and counterpart of the Roman Diana), Famous bearer More
Bardolph / 8 letters 
Meaning of Bardolph In English, Bardolph means Bright wolf, ax-wielding wolf More
Edward / 6 letters 
Meaning of Edward In Anglo-Saxon, Edward means Guardian More
Peto / 4 letters 
Meaning of Peto In Shakespearean, Peto means King Henry IV, Part 1 and 2' An irregular humorist More
Pistol / 6 letters 
Meaning of Pistol In Shakespearean, Pistol means King Henry IV, Part 2' An irregular humorist. In Henry V, Pistol is a soldier in the King's army. 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' A Follower of Falstaff More
Poins / 5 letters 
Meaning of Poins In Shakespearean, Poins means King Henry IV, Part 1 and 2' Edward Poins, an irregular humorist More
Wales / 5 letters 
Meaning of Wales In Shakespearean, Wales means King Henry IV, Part 1 and 2' Edward Poins, an irregular humorist. 'Henry VI, Part 2' Son of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Edward, Prince of Wales, son to King Henry VI More

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