Found 25 boys and girls with the meaning of humor
Adela / 5 letters 
Meaning of Adela In Latin, Adela means Good humor More
Adele / 5 letters 
Meaning of Adele In French, Adele means Good humor; Of the nobility. Noble More
Adelyte / 7 letters 
Meaning of Adelyte In German, Adelyte means Has good humor More
Ailsa / 5 letters 
Meaning of Ailsa In Teutonic, Ailsa means A , meaning 'my god is bountiful', or 'god of plenty.' Also from the Old German athal meaning 'noble'. Famous bearers More
Alice / 5 letters 
Meaning of Alice In Celtic, Alice means From the Old German Adalheidis meaning nobility. Also sweet More
Alicea / 6 letters 
Meaning of Alicea In Teutonic, Alicea means Noble humor More
Alicia / 6 letters 
Meaning of Alicia In German, Alicia means A Latinized form of the German Alice, from Adalheidis meaning nobility More
Alisa / 5 letters 
Meaning of Alisa In Ukrainian, Alisa means Good humor More
Alissa / 6 letters 
Meaning of Alissa In Teutonic, Alissa means Noble humor More
Alithia / 7 letters 
Meaning of Alithia In Teutonic, Alithia means Noble humor More

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