Top g for year 1968 (see all years)
1 - Jennifer / 8 letters 
Meaning of Jennifer In Arthurian Legend, Jennifer means Fair and yielding More
2 - Angela / 6 letters 
Meaning of Angela In French, Angela means Angel More
3 - Amy / 3 letters 
Meaning of Amy In English, Amy means Beloved More
4 - Christine / 9 letters 
Meaning of Christine In Latin, Christine means A. In the 1950s, Christine was one of the three most common feminine names in Britain. Famous people More
5 - Elizabeth / 9 letters 
Meaning of Elizabeth In Greek, Elizabeth means From the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning either oath of God, or God is satisfaction. Famous bearer More
6 - Cynthia / 7 letters 
Meaning of Cynthia In Greek, Cynthia means Of Cynthus (Mount Cynthus on the island of Delos). Famous bearer More
7 - Dawn / 4 letters 
Meaning of Dawn In Anglo-Saxon, Dawn means Aurora. The first appearance of daylight; daybreak. Dawn. From the English word dawn More
8 - Donna / 5 letters 
Meaning of Donna In Latin, Donna means Lady More
9 - Deborah / 7 letters 
Meaning of Deborah In Hebrew, Deborah means Bee. Deborah was the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an army of invaders. After the battle she wrote a victory song which is part of the Book of Judges More
10 - Douglas / 7 letters 
Meaning of Douglas In Anglo-Saxon, Douglas means Dark stranger More

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